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A Higher Standard In Roofing

The Nu-lok™ Roofing System is an alternate method of fastening hard, thin, manufactured or machine-squared slates to a pitched roof over a plywood deck and waterproof membrane. Originally designed for random-width natural slate, it has since been optimized for purpose-designed 16-inch square ceramic slates. Nu-lok solves many, and perhaps all, of the design and installation problems associated with long-lived, hard-surface roofs.

We take for granted that a modern roof keeps out water. This is no longer a point of distinction. Today we set a higher standard, and seek at least these characteristics in an ideal roof:

  • The surface material would remain unchanged in appearance indefinitely, with no change to color, texture or material properties. We can no longer tell a homeowner that his fading, streaking, visibly deteriorating roof is good for another ten years simply because it will keep water out for another ten years.
  • Component materials would have minimal life-cycle impact on the environment: none during manufacture; none while on the roof; and, at the end of the structure life, they would be economically salvageable and re-usable. Failing that, materials would be either recyclable or environmentally safe when discarded to landfill.
  • The surface material would work synergistically with a mechanically fragile but otherwise long-lived waterproof membrane. The membrane would be protected from mechanical damage, acids carried by weather, high and low temperatures and prolonged exposure to concurrent heat and humidity. There would be an absolute minimum number of fastener penetrations through the membrane.
  • A non-porous surface material would cleanse itself of tree resin, bird droppings, rain and wind-borne debris. All materials would be non-combustible, non-corrosive, non-degrading and non-inter-reactive.
  • The roof would be strong enough to walk on during and after installation.
  • Surface materials would be removable and replaceable, easily and without damage or special repair techniques, to allow access to the membrane for inspection, addition of vents, skylights or other penetrations, or for replacement of damaged surface materials.
  • Installation would seek to maximize manufacturing and on-ground pre-assembly while minimizing time on the roof, where installers are most at risk of injury.
  • The roof would be completely specified and delivered to site with all components including shims, fasteners, vents, and flashing materials.
  • The finished roof would fully satisfy the homeowner’s demand for aesthetic beauty, forever.
  • Today’s homeowner wants a perfect roof at an affordable price. We do not offer a perfect roof, and a Nu-lok roof will not be affordable to every budget. We invite you to review our products and judge for yourself how close Nu-lok comes to today’s standard.