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Material Specifications

Link Channel:

Material: AZ-55 Galvalume™
Material thickness: 0.031 inches
Material properties: Structural Grade, minimum 50 ksi yield
Finish: 2-mil black automotive e-coat using PPG process after stamping
Weight: 0.30 pounds per part


Material: AZ-55 Galvalume™
Material thickness: 18-gauge
Material properties: Commercial Grade, minimum 30 ksi yield
Weight: 0.41 pounds per linear foot

Wire Clip:

Material: 316 Stainless Steel Full Hard Rod
Material thickness: 0.063 inches in diameter
Finish: Black Oxide
Weight: approximately 40 pounds per thousand parts

Ceramic slate:

Material: Vitrified ceramic
Body thickness: 5/16-inch
Dimensions: 15-3/4 x 15-3/4 inches square
Porosity: 0.2%
Installed weight: 5.6 pounds per square foot of coverage

Natural Vermont Slate:

For more information, contact Greenstone Slate.

System Specifications:

Installed weight: 560 pounds per 100 ft2 roofing square
Slate exposure: 75%
Slate head lap: 4 inches
Batten Spacing: 12-inches (nominal)
Link Channels: One per piece of slate
Wire Clips: One per link channel