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Natural Slate Selector

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Semi-Weathering Gray/Green
A premium quality roofing slate which over time, will yield a variety of rich earth tone colors. This slate is gray/green when quarried, yet between 10% and 25% of the pieces will gradually begin to show soft tones of buffs and tans.


Non-Weathering Purple
This is a vibrant, non-weathering Vermont Slate with color that can range from a clear plum to a deep magenta with green splashes. Use it alone or in a blend.


Vermont Clear Gray
A semi weathering, excellent hard-vein slate that comes in shades of light to medium gray. When weathered, 10% to 20% will transform in buff shades.


Vermont Clear Black
An excellent hard-vein slate in shades of black, with an abundance of textures. 10% to 25% of these slates will weather into colors ranging from chocolate brown to dark buff shades.


Non-Weathering Mottled Green
and Purple

This unusual slate is uniquely Vermont. Its colors are blends of soft shades of purple and green. At times, purple will be predominate color and at others green becomes predominate.


Vermont Gray/Black
This premium quality roofing slate blends shades of gray and black. It is one of the most widely used slate colors where a traditional slate roof appearance is desired. Approximately 4% to 6% of these slates will exhibit slight signs of weathering after 12 to 18 months of exposure.


Non-Weathering Gray/Green
This Vermont slate is green with shades varing slightly to light gray. It is one of the most popular roofing slates. It is often used alone but is also frequently chosen to be used in a blend of colors for multicolored roofs.


Vermont Strata Gray
A distinctive slate with an overall grayish background and its mottling with various shades of darker gray/black give it excellent character. Its varying textures contributes to its unique character and will display some weathering.


Royal Purple
Rich purple in color yet some pieces may exhibit small markings of green. These slates are a favorite where they are blended with other slates to create multi-colored roofs. Purple slates are also popular on their own, as a roof covering for commercial, university and religious buildings.


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