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Independent Testing on Nu-lok Ceramic Slates and
Nu-lok Patented Fixing System

Nu-lok Ceramic slates
Tests performed by CERAM Building Technology Laboratory (UK)
BS EN 538 1994 - Flexural Strength Test
BS EN 539 1994 - Physical Characteristic Impermeability Test
BS EN 539/2 1998 - Frost Resistance Test
BS EN 1024 1997 Geometric Test
BS EN 1304 1998 Product Definition and Specifications
Results: Performed Extremely Well

Tests performed by Dept Geological Resources & Territory, Turin Polytechnic (Italy)
Water Absorption
Resistance to indirect traction by means of bending
Resistance to indirect traction by means of bending after freezing
Resistance to alterations caused by weather
Results: Meets All Tests

Nu-lok Patented Fixing System
AS 2050 1989 Weather Effectiveness of Roofing System Structural Tests
a) Upwards to ultimate
b) Upwards to serviceability
c) Downwards to ultimate
d) Downwards to serviceability
Results: System Meets All Tests

External Fire Exposure
BS 476: Part 3: 1958
Test performed by BRE, Gatston, Watford, date 04.10.02

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