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The Nu-lok 50 Year Warranty

No other roofing system offers a comprehensive written 50 year guarantee against color fade and structural defects, because no other roofing system can.

Once a roof has been installed, and after it has been, first, accepted by the property owner and their architect if applicable, and second, certified as correctly installed by a licensed roofing contractor approved by Nu-lok USA, then a certificate of 50-year warranty is issued by Nu-lok Roofing Systems. For a sample of the Warranty Document, click here.

A two-year warranty is provided by Nu-lok USA as part of the sales contract for each order. This is intended to provided protection for problems that might occur from the date of purchase, through shipment, while waiting on site for installation and up through installation acceptance. To view the Attachment to the Sales Contract for the fastening system, click here. To view the Attachment to the Sales Contract for the ceramic slate, click here.

Property owners should verify the warranty provided by their installation contractor.